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Local auto workers union predicting contentious contract negotiations with General Motors

By MATT BLOIS United Auto Workers officially started negotiations on a new contract at the national level for General Motors employees this week. That contract will determine pay and benefits for union employees across the country, including the GM plant in Spring Hill, for the next four years. The current contract expires in September. In

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Quorum shares will stay on New York Stock Exchange following a warning in April

By MATT BLOIS Shares of the Franklin-based hospital chain Quorum will stay on the New York Stock Exchange after the company received a warning earlier this year. In April, the stock exchange notified Quorum that its market capitalization was less than $50 million for a 30 day trading period, throwing it out of compliances with

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More than 200 attend Mitsubishi event to make connections and find jobs

More than 300 people registered for a Mitsubishi recruiting event at the offices of Williamson Inc. on Friday. / Photo Matt Blois By MATT BLOIS Hundreds of people showed up at the Williamson Inc. offices on Friday morning to meet with Mitsubishi recruiters. Three hours into the event one recruiter had nearly lost her voice

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A Brentwood payment processing company acquires a payroll business serving employees without a bank account

By MATT BLOIS The Brentwood payment processing company COMDATA has acquired a payroll business that serves employees outside of the traditional financial system. COMADATA purchased SOLE, a finance company located in Oregon, this month. The company issues debit cards and allows employers to deposit paychecks directly onto the card. COMDATA launched a similar product called

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Truck stops invest in Franklin fuel payment processing company

By MATT BLOIS Two large truck stop companies have invested in a company from Franklin that specializes in processing fuel payments at truck stops. Love’s Travel Stops, based in Oklahoma, and TravelCenters of America, based in Ohio, are now part owners of the Franklin company QuickQ. Dean Troester, QuickQ’s CEO, said the company plans to

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Memphis’ First Tennessee bank has opened a new trust office for Middle Tennessee

By MATT BLOIS First Tennessee Bank has opened a new trust office that will serve Williamson County, along with the rest of Middle Tennessee. The bank already has a number of branch locations in Williamson County. The new trust office will handle estates and trusts. First Tennessee Bank Senior Vice President Stephen Russell will be

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A father and son team from Franklin wants to start a network of outdoor clothing brands

Photo credit: USFWS/Ryan Hagarty By MATT BLOIS A father and son team of former corporate executives from Franklin are creating a network of outdoor clothing brands. Bill and William Spalding started a new company called ARES Outdoors a few months ago. Bill Spalding has served in leadership roles at several health care companies, while his

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Prison healthcare company takes out $25 million loan after securing new contracts

By MATT BLOIS The prison healthcare provider Corizon, based in Brentwood, has taken out $25 million in loans for costs associated with new contracts and to fuel growth. A press release did not specify which contracts it needed the cash for. In June, Corizon reported that it won a contract to continue providing health care

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Brentwood cobblers expanding production with facilities in Mexico and Tennessee

Photo courtesy of Southern Polished By MATT BLOIS The Brentwood shoe makers Southern Polished are planning to expand production and drop prices for their sandals with manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Tennessee. Southern Polished is a family business operated by brothers Trent and Heath Potter and their father Norman Potter. Trent and Norman Potter left

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Ovation site owner finalized after odd auction; New York group pays $40.5M for site

By MATT BLOIS Following an unusual scene in the bidding process of some high-profile Cool Springs land, Ovation Loan Group LLC is the new owner of a portion of the Ovation development auctioned off Friday. The sale price was $40.5 million, according to Williamson County Register of Deeds Office records of the sale and dated

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